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SilTek offers a broad range of Systems Integration and Systems Engineering Management services bringing an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex systems problems. SilTek's systematic, repeatable processes support implementation solutions that emphasize interoperability and harmonious systems operations. Our approach incorporates government and industry best practices and standards including ISO 9000, CMMI and IEEE 1220.

Cloud Computing and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

As IT moves into cloud computing, SilTek assists clients through the entire Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) process, from "visioneering" and assessment to development and governance.

SilTek offers highly competent services and solutions that help government and business beome more adaptive to change. These services include:

  • Roadmap assessments to guide clients through the adoption of SOA across the enterprises.
  • Governance and architecture, whereby SilTek oversees the entire enterprise architecture and the SOA governance as the enterprise is transformed.
  • Infrastructure prepration to implement SOA foundation.
  • Service Development where SilTek engineers assist clients in defining, developing and deploying SOA-based business solutions across the enterprise, line-of-business, or within a department.
  • Software Development, whereby SilTek scales development and delivery of business and IT services through the SOA adoption.
  • SOA Management including complete software lifecycle management, services management, monitoring, auditing, analysis, service level agreements, and policies.

Quality Assurance

Traditionally, risk and compliance activities check and ensure that all enterprise processes and reports are aligned. When information from various company processes does not match up, this may be indicative of mistakes, fraud or other problematic activities. With the introduction of new regulations for business controls (i.e., Sarbanes Oxley) and new business controls standards (e.g. COSO), revenue assurance and control processes have become critical.

The purpose of Quality Assurance is to provide management with appropriate visibility into the processes and procedures being used by the project and of the products being built. SilTek’s Quality Assurance team follows proven, repeatable processes to assess engineered product developed by our own in house staff as well as externally developed products. We apply ISO 9000, CMMI Level 3 and IEEE P1220 standards to all systems and software engineering efforts.

Information Assurance and Vulnerability Assessments

SilTek’s Information Assurance team evaluates system risk according to the simple formula:

Threats x Vulnerabilities x Assets / Safeguards

Using this approach and following published federal and commercial best practices, SilTek’s Information Security Specialists evaluate systems from the code up, performing code reviews, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for systems of all types and configurations, including FISMA, DIACAP and NIST.

SilTek has extensive experience in Continuity of Government (COG) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) with multiple agencies.


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