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OceanSOA provides an out-of-the-box application framework for secure, Web enabled, multi-platform applications. It implements application and data security that exceeds military and commercial standards. Built entirely on Web services, OceanSOA provides developers with a simplified, clear path to implement applications in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). New and legacy applications inherit OceanSOA's adaptability and scalability creating immediate value for the end user or client. Using OceanSOA, developers accelerate the creation, conversion, deployment, and maintenance of next generation, Internet-ready, multi-tiered business applications.

OceanSOA® is the only Application Services Platform that offers a migration pathway for legacy applications to move into a Web services environment. OceanSOA's unique architecture includes the capability to support smart clients, occasionally connected clients, thin clients, and mobile clients tightly integrated with a secure application server, software development kit/migration tool, and Web Service components - and - all the necessary management utilities. It can be used to rapidly re-deploy existing client/server systems and desktop applications as secure Web-enabled smart client systems as well as adapt existing (legacy) Windows applications to a Web services environment without modifying user interfaces.

OceanSOA's pre-built application server contains extensive reusable Web services including:

  • Robust, flexible Security Model including strong encryption
  • Very secure Windows client shells
  • Role-based user and account management
  • Data access services
  • Automatic deployment and versioning of application components
  • Event Management
  • Web Services Integration

Designed to handle data intensive solutions, OceanSOA has been stress tested in the lab as well as the real world. The OceanSOA Application Services Platform scales comfortably, supporting between 500 and 1000 concurrent active desktops per server processor. Some of OceanSOA's benefits include:

  • Reduction in application development time, cost and risk
  • Elimination of desktop deployment time and cost
  • Increased richness of user experience
  • Elimination of security concerns inherent with Web browser vulnerabilities
  • Decreased server software and hardware costs (client-centric approach)
  • Optimization of all network resources for best performance

OceanSOA is more than a tool to help developers shorten development cycles. By simplifying application creation, modification, deployment and maintenance, OceanSOA allows developers to focus on coding the business logic the user requires in the most effective way. OceanSOA is the right solution to quickly and inexpensively enable enterprise-ready solutions that take immediate advantage of the Internet.


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