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When Enterprise Architecture (EA) is done correctly, it is a powerful tool to re-engineer and integrate systems, support processes, and streamline operations making your agency or business extremely efficient. SilTek provides deep experience developing and leveraging EA to optimize performance. Combined with our thorough Systems Engineering approach, SilTek provides a comprehensive solution for investigating, building, analyzing, and producing an executable enterprise architecure that can be used to optimize your business practices through better use of technology, including DoDAF, TOGAF, MODAF, FEA and Zachman using tools such as IBM's System Architect and DOORs and Casewise.

Integrated Enterprise Energy Architecture and Strategic Alignment

Experienced in All Phases of DoDAF and FEA

The majority of our EA professionals are certified by the FEAC Institute ( with experience in all phases of the both DoDAF and FEA architecture, with extensive expertise in the business-processes and operational view layers . Our services include:

  • Instituting EA for governance and process control
  • Helping client’s meet OMB and Government Accountability Office (GAO) enterprise architecture requirements
  • Integrating EA with capital planning and investment review processes
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure for EA program success, including defining policies, procedures, and governance
  • Establishing and supporting EA program management offices
  • Making EA architecture strategies actionable at the program level
  • Integrating EA with program and project management
Energy Architecture Phases

Sharing Trusted Data Across the Enterprise

The goal of successful enterprise architecture is effective information sharing. SilTek’s expertise in this area works to optimize communications across the enterprise implementing, wherever possible, service oriented architecture (SOA). For example, our approach to business process decomposition ensures that all users can successfully communicate using a common format and vocabulary. In addition, our pioneering work with authoritative data sources helps to make certain that trusted information can be seamlessly shared and integrated across business lines and with partners and citizens.


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