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Energy/Sustainability Management

Modern energy management involves more than solar and wind. As the leader in energy architecture, SilTek applies the principles of efficient system design to the management of energy assets, including holistic energy consumption analyses, energy footprint reduction and optimization, and the integration of innovative energy technologies to ensure the most effective use of energy dollars.

SilTek Pioneers in Energy Architecture

SilTek has pioneered Energy Architecture, a framework that provides standardized, repeatable processes for gathering, assessing, and analyzing energy consumption to provide management with a plan to improve efficiency before investing in capital improvements including renewable energy. Energy Architecture supports the analytical process of tying energy usage to business practices in an effort to reduce consumption, costs, and environmental impact without impacting operations.

Combining our extensive background in Enterprise and Service Oriented Architecture (EA & SOA) with energy systems design, and software development, SilTek provides expert systems engineering related to energy management programs including:

  • CEM level audits
  • LEED AP audits
  • Instituting Energy Architecture for power governance and process control
  • Integrating EA with capital planning and investment review processes
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure for EA program success, including defining policies, procedures, and governance
  • Establishing and supporting energy program management offices
  • Making energy cost savings real through architecture strategies actionable at the program level

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Consulting

SilTek's Energy Team will analyze your entire energy infrastructure, from the entry point(s) to the end point consumer to provide you with an energy map showing how energy is powering your operations and where potential reductions or improvements can be made. Our professionals are certified by the FEAC Institute ( and possess combined expertise in all aspects of Energy Architecture including Certified Energy Management (CEM, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Energy Star evaluations, and renewable energy analysis. Our CEMs will perform a comprehensive analysis using LEED principles to determine how you can optimize efficiency and reduce consumption and recommend solutions that will start saving energy and money today.

Our comprehensive energy analysis will enable you to:

  • Make effective energy investment decisions
  • Integrate and modernize legacy infrastructure
  • Leverage regulatory compliance to enhance operations and maximize energy investments
  • Transform audit findings into solutions that deliver rapid and enduring results
  • Cost-effectively transition to renewable energy production
  • Make effective energy investment decisions

Renewable Energy

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